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What Our Patients Think

Dr. Banh is phenomenal! Not only has he helped me rehab from a herniated disc, he has been just as great with educating me with prevention techniques for the future. Keeping a strong core and mobility exercises. When I train, I am always thinking of those office visits and the hands on approach to staying healthy that Dr. Banh shares. Also, his therapy was right in line with my powerlifting. It was so easy to transfer my therapy sessions to the gym. No session was ever rushed and it is always personalized. Thank you for keeping me on the platform.

Kathy B.

If you are looking for a clinic for your chiropractic and physical therapy needs, I would highly recommend Empire. I have been with Dr. Bryan for close to 3 years now. Dr. Bryan always listens to my needs and the problems I’am having. He finds solutions not only for a short term fix but shows me how to maintain and stay healthy for the long term. He takes his time when showing me exercises and explains any type of adjustments he thinks needs to happen. If your looking for a doctor to listen to your needs and help you through any physical issues I would choose Dr. Bryan.

Jonathan T.

Dr. Banh is amazing! I first reached out to him when I was having some IT band pain during the early part of my half marathon (first ever!) training. I had never really used a chiropractor before, so Dr. Banh took the time to explain his methodology and answer any questions. He gave me a ton of exercises to relieve my pain and I never had a flare up throughout the rest of my training. I did have other (minor) injuries/aches at later points as my mileage increased, but I always knew I could rely on Dr. Banh to take the time to find the root problem and give me concrete steps to fix it (including a awful shin splint the week of the race!) His staff is so nice and making appointments is a breeze. I literally have never written a review before, but that’s just how much I appreciate Dr. Banh and his staff.

Anuja D.

Empire chiro/rehab was and is a game changer for me. I spent nearly 8 months going from provider to provider chasing back pain related to a lumbar disc bulge until a friend recommended Dr. Banh. After a very thorough evaluation, I participated in biweekly sessions that included decompression, adjustments, and mobility skill training. This allowed me a full and pain-free return to my intense fitness regimens. Now he’s helping me work through other (unrelated) issues like an SI joint/sciatic pain flare after the flu via adjustments, soft tissue work, and cupping. Dr.B has a lot of tools in his toolkit, and he always keeps my goals with athletic training in mind. His office is wonderful and scheduling is easy / accommodating. I definitely recommend this practice!

Talia S.

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